The first in many ways to search have come to Eve Market.

We changes checkout some of the shots below that detail the new search results as well as how search in general works.

Image One

Image TwoImage ThreeImage FourImage Five

As we can see we can search by an item’s name. We can select to show similar items or group based items. If neither are selected, we will show you a list of “did you mean” items for you to select from Before showing search results.


More then ten items returned in a search result will return a message of too many items returned and you should limit your scope.

You can type in a region name and a region to compare too. Partial word search is a thing and it works.


If you select similar or group we will take the first region found. If you do not select either we will present you with a possible, list of regions that might match your search results along with items that might also match.

Right now Eve Market Search is rather basic however it also is quite powerful. We can get the related group the item belongs to, show (up to 10) similar items or show the specific item you are looking for. We can compare regions to show you market fluctuations and even give you the option to see who’s buying or selling.

Over time we hope to grow Eve Market Search with your feedback.

Check it out now!