It’s been a while since I have posted anything on the subject of this site or the going on of the development work I have been doing regarding this site.

Lets get right in to it!

First lets start with the project thats been released!

Eve Public Crest 0.0.15 and Eve Public Crest Laravel Bridge extension 0.0.6

Two major projects that help power everything about this site. From the background jobs that fetch market prices to the jobs that help fetch market history information both of these libraries are used and well tested.

Eve Public Crest 0.0.15 was just released!

It includes new features such as abstractions and removal of the Laravel coupling. If you were using earlier versions and working with Laravel you will need the new Eve Public Crest Laravel Bridge Extension - 0.0.6.

Installing the extension will install the library as well so theres no need to have both!

With that in mind one of the biggest releases for the site was the new revamped front page and the new item details page.

New Updates!

The dashboard now shows you open source projects related to the Eve Market price as well as blog posts detailing the goings on and development processes in place.

The new Eve Items Page, for example: This page, is done completely in react. Over the last month or so I have been building and testing the new Eve Market History Fetch tools that allow me to fetch historical data on every item across all known regions. There is still some tweaking going on and issues to work out but, select a region from the drop down and watch the charts come to life, switch between regions on the fly to get even more data.

There are a lot of new changes coming to this particular section including search, filtering and much more. Right now its all about making things stable.

Behind the scenes there is a new service that will be run once a day and it’s the cleaner. The cleaner is responsible for cleaning all the tables, removing data that doesn't make sense and so on.

We also have the Eve Market History Fetch tool that runs every 24 hours at 7pm EST time to fetch the historical data for that day.

Theres more to come to stay tuned!