Eve Public Crest Library (PHP - Laravel)

I have created a open source MIT based project that allows you you quickly fetch market based information including historical data about items from the
Eve Online Universe.

The goal of the project was to serperate out the logic that creates the dash board
you see from the rest of my site's code. this allows me to give back to the
community and allows the community to contribute.

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Market Place

Market Prices

Market Place allows you to view all the items as a paginated table across Eve Online. These items are fetched every 24 hours for new items. Market Prices allows you to have a general over view of all the items on the market right now!

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Market Groups

Market Groups allows you to see a paginated list of all the current groups in Eve Online and view items associated with each group. Clickig on Group allows you to see the item's associated with said group in a paginated table of items.

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Market Search

Are you looking for something specific? Head on over to the Market Search! We allow you to search by item, see simmilar items related or get the items group thatit belongs too. Search by region and compare another region to the searched region!

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Development Blog Latest Posts

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Jan 18, 2016

Eve Market is built in Laravel 5.2 and uses the Eve API’s from Public crest to fetch the data. There are some tasks that run from every